(3 min video) Kung Fu: True Strength – ‘They laugh at me, master’

Caine (David Carradine): They laugh at me, master.

Master Po (Keye Luke): Good. To bring joy to others honours the giver.

Caine: But their laughter is not joyful, for it derides me.

Master Po: Are you hurt by it?

Caine: Yes.

Master Po: Because you gave comfort where comfort is needed?

Caine: Was this not unmanly?

Master Po: There is a strength in us that can shatter an invisible object with a hand, which comes from a strong and disciplined body. There is another strength that allows us to feel the pain of others, and give comfort where comfort is needed. This comes from a compassionate heart. True strength must combine both, for that is in harmony with the duality of our natures. For what you have done, you may indeed take comfort in their laughter.

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Kung Fu: On Policing the Bro Code

(1 min video) Kung Fu: The Best Ways of Dealing With Force

Disciple Caine: ‘Master Tae, What is the best way to deal with force?’
-Master Tae
: ‘As we prize peace and quiet above victory, there is a simple and preferred method…. Run away.’

Kan: Do not meet a wave head on. Avoid it. You do not have to stop force. It is easier to redirect it. Learn more ways to preserve, than to destroy. Avoid, rather than check. Check, rather than hurt. Hurt, rather than maim. Maim, rather than kill. For all life is precious. Nor can any be replaced.

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Kung Fu: The Best Ways of Dealing With Force

ALASKA: The curious popularity of a water pipe on the Seward Highway — Locals, suspicious of treated city water, make the drive regularly • People are too trusting of the government and media…. Fluoride… He “won’t touch” tap water

I used to regularly get water here.

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From: ADN.com

The curious popularity of a water pipe on the Seward Highway

A trickle from the rocks at Mile 109 draws people who like its taste and like the fact that it’s not treated city tap water. But is it safe?

A 3-inch hole in a rock wall at Mile 109 of the Seward Highway quenches many thirsts.

Tourists pull over for a cup of refreshing liquid Alaska, wild and cold. Locals, suspicious of treated city water, make the drive regularly to resupply their homes, even though there’s less known about this source of water than the water from their sinks. Others simply prefer the taste of the water that trickles there, supplemental hydration they take away one Nalgene bottle at a time.

This drainage hole in the rock between Beluga Point and Windy Corner on Turnagain Arm draws visitors all day long. Anyone who has driven the highway with any regularity has seen them, perhaps wondered why, and maybe had to brake for them as they dart across the road. …

Mica Sexton pulled up next. … People are too trusting of the government and media, he said. Fluoride is one reason, he said, that he “won’t touch” tap water.

“I think most people, when you tell them that somebody that they trust to look out for their good is putting something bad in their water, most people just look at you and tell you you need a tinfoil hat,” Sexton said.

Sexton said he also suspects city water treatment removes healthy minerals he believes he’s getting from this large drinking straw poked into the Chugach Mountains. …

Water quality

…Alaska Dispatch News collected a sample and delivered it to ARS Aleut Analytical….

In short, all categories fell within the maximum contaminant limits set for drinking water by Alaska’s Department of Environmental Conservation. At least they did that day. ARS Aleut Analytical lab manager Ian Schacht said that a water quality test is just a snapshot of one point in time, which can’t replace regular monitoring. Results could fluctuate for many reasons.

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(1 min video) Kung Fu: The Risk of Loving Others — “A good man’s heart is open to the hearts of others”

KCC: Master, we are taught that a good man’s heart is not shut within itself, but is open to the hearts of others.
Po: The sage says “Find good people good, and bad people good, because I am good enough. Trust men of their word, and liars, if I am true enough.” To be yourself, Grasshopper, feel the heartbeats of others, above your own.
KCC: But if I shall love others how can I be sure that they, in return, will love me?
Po: Do you seek love or barter?
KCC: But if I love others, and they do not love me, I shall feel great pain.
Po: That is what you risk, Grasshopper. Great pain, or great joy.

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Kung Fu: The Risk of Love

(2 min video) Kung Fu: Master Po Helps Caine Understand Women

Po: Grasshopper, do you find mystery in the fire?
KCC: My thoughts are of a girl I saw in the marketplace. She as very pretty. She sought my friendship. And then when she had it, she did not want it. Master, why can the female not be direct and open as the man can?
Po: Is it not better that the female act as a female?
KCC: She seeks only to confuse. The truth is not within her.
Po: Perhaps you only fail to perceive it.
KCC: I do not know that I wish to perceive it
Po: (Pointing to a coal fire) What is it that makes the heat? The coal or the flame?
KCC: The coal. The heat is within the coal.
Po: What if the coal is not touched be the flame?
KCC: The heat is not felt.
Po: Are not male and female, coal and flame? If the coal does not seek to know the flame, can either fulfill their destiny?

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Kung Fu: Master Po Helps Caine Understand Women

(3 min video) Kung Fu: Running Away From a Fight is Not Cowardice, but the Love of Life

KCC: Master, I am troubled. We learn to make powerful the force of out bodies. Yet we are taught to reverence all against whom we may use such force.
Kan: When your life is threatened, or the innocent life of another, you will be prepared to defend them.
KCC: Being thus prepared better than others, should I not always stand and fight?
Kan: Ignore the insulting tongue, duck the provoking blow, run from the assault of the strong.
KCC: Are these not the actions of a coward?
Kan: The wild boar runs from the tiger. Knowing that each being well armed by nature with deadly strength, may kill the other. Running, he saves his own life, and that of the tiger. This is not cowardice. It is the love of life.

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Kung Fu: Why Running Away From a Fight is Not Cowardice