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Why Image Stabilization is Missing Inside Panasonic GH5S ?

I saw a Panasonic rep mention the heat sink reason in an interview a few years back, and my heart sank, concerned they would then forever abandon IBIS to get the best 4K video. Thankfully, they didn’t go that far.

As long as they don’t also do this on their cameras for stills, to which they need to add MULTI-ASPECT as well. PLEASE, Panasonic.

And they should promote multi-aspect harder, which they never have. Most people don’t know the great advantages, including artistic!

Multi-aspect should be in all mirrorless cameras. Sony is especially dropping the ball, keeping people stuck in 3:2. Continue reading “Why Image Stabilization is Missing Inside Panasonic GH5S ?”

(photo) At Elizabeth & Olof Carmel’s studio during Wine Country workshop 2012

I was having a lot more fun than it appears here. This was an awesome experience!

In the fall of 2012, I attended Mountain Light’s Wine Country photography workshop in northern California, taught by Elizabeth Carmel and Jerry Dodrill, with Olof Carmel sometimes helping — loved that!!!

Here Olof is sharing his wisdom in their upstairs studio. I’m on the right, checking the image I just took with my RX100 pocket camera.

Jerry posted this privately on his Facebook page on Dec. 2, 2012, saying:

We had a great visit to Elizabeth Carmel’s studio today for a demo on fine art printing.

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(vid) Eastern Sierra Memories With Galen And Barbara Rowell

Eastern Sierra Memories With Galen And Barbara Rowell


See the wonders of the Eastern Sierra with two of the most extraordinary people we’ve ever known.

Galen and Barbara Rowell were fascinating and complex people, and at least a little bit larger than life. They were artists, activists and adventurers. Galen was a world-renowned photographer, writer, mountaineer and athlete. Barbara was his partner in every way, and was an accomplished pilot, photographer and author in her own right. They traveled the world, but they especially loved the eastern Sierra, the Owens Valley and the White Mountains. In the fall of 2000, we shot with Barbara and Galen in their home, inside their colorful Mountain Light Gallery in Bishop, on the valley floor at dawn, flying the Sierra crest at midday and in the company of mountain sheep and a full moon rising at dusk. It was delightful to be with them and to see this great landscape through their eyes and Galen’s photography. Many people around the world were devastated when Barbara and Galen were killed in a plane crash on a nighttime approach to Bishop in August of 2002. It’s bittersweet to say the least, but I like seeing them again on the video. I hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed our memorable day with Barbara and Galen.

Nikon Closes Camera Factory, Blames Rise of Smartphones — 10-fold decline in compacts among all brands!

Nikon failed to innovate their compact camera line, an unstated reason for their lack of popularity, but the chart below shows a 10-fold decline among all brands. Many serious photographers aren’t buying compacts because smartphones are “good enough;” even though, the image quality of 1″ sensor compacts with zoom lenses still often far exceeds that of smartphones. Continue reading “Nikon Closes Camera Factory, Blames Rise of Smartphones — 10-fold decline in compacts among all brands!”

(vid) Camera Showdown: iPhone 7 vs Advanced Compact | How Far Have Smartphone Cameras Come?

I’ve carried a Panasonic LX100 in a belt pouch for 2.5 years. It’s awkwardly large for a compact camera, but the lens is very sharp, and it has the multi-aspect ratio sensor, capable of shooting in 4:3, 3:2 and 16:9 aspect ratios with full field of view and maximum megapixels. I love multi-aspect, but the LX100 is a tank to always carry. Many would prefer the also very capable, and much smaller and lighter, 1″ sensor compacts.

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Glee! Google Set NIK Free — Hallelujah!!!!!!!

This is a great day! Google broke my heart when they killed my favorite photo software. Now they have released their death grip, and will now allow U-Point technology to live on, developed by brilliant Germans.

My prayers have been answered!!!

It’s been a long wait.


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From: PetaPixel

DxO Buys Nik Collection from Google, Will Resume Development

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