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(video) ‘Dirty Jobs’ Host, Mike Rowe Harmonizes in ‘Forefront’ Quartet

Related: Mike Rowe accepts Lifetime Membership award from Barbershop Harmony Society (with Emmanuel Roll from ‘The Ringmasters’)

Forefront – Sweet and Lovely (feat. Mike Rowe)

Published on Jul 10, 2017

Our newest Honorary Lifetime Member Mike Rowe isn’t going to just accept his award without singing! He shows our 2016 International Quartet Champion Forefront how it’s done…

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(video) GEICO Takes on BIG PHARMA – WoW! – Boyz II Men: ‘Side Effects’

GEICO standing up to BIG PHARMA? WoW!

TalmudVision (TV) in the USA — one of the few countries that allows Big Pharma drug ads, which I’ve heard may no longer be required to include the crucial, side-effects disclaimers — beautifully amplified here :)

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Boyz II Men: Side Effects – GEICO


(video) Zero8 Chorus: ‘Amazing Grace’

Ringmasters’ baritone, Emanuel Roll sings solo.

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Amazing Grace – Moscow Easter Festival 2015

Published on Oct 14, 2015

Amazing Grace is arguably one of the most recognisable songs in the English-speaking world. This version was arranged for us by our very own Doug Harrington with the help of Rasmus Krigström. This recording is from a concert held in the “Church of the Presentation of the Holy Mother and Peter and Paul” in Moscow in the beginning of May of 2015.

Doug admits that arranging a song with such dignity and that already has been done in countless different versions was a hard task. The inspiration for this arrangement came from visioning what it would be like to ascend to heaven.

Soloists are Emanuel Roll, Mattias Larsson and Hritul Karim.

(video) Ringmasters: Notre Dame Medley – 2017 Bristol, England

I love this song: the performance and its message!

Ringmasters — Notre Dame Medley

Published on May 15, 2017

Swedish barbershop quartet Ringmasters perform at our ‘Ringmasters (& The Great Western Chorus) Live in Bristol’ show.

Ringmasters (& The Great Western Chorus) Live in Bristol
Presented by The Great Western Chorus of Bristol


(music video) Jan Sandström – Det är en ros utsprungen

Delicate, harmonic transitions ring in a glorious acoustic chamber!

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Jan Sandström – Det är en ros utsprungen

Published on Dec 5, 2014

Det är en ros utsprungen – Jan Sandström

Det är en ros utsprungen av Jesse rot och stam. Av fädren ren besjungen,
den står i tiden fram, en blomma skär och blid, mitt i den kalla vinter,
i midnatts mörka tid.

There is a rose that springs up from Jesse’s root and stem. By venerable fathers extolled, that stood in former times, a flower blushing and gentle, amidst the cold winter, in a dark midnight-hour.

(anti-war video) Ronald Isley & Burt Bacharach: ‘Windows Of The World’ — “Where is the sunshine we once knew?”

The windows of the world are covered with rain
Where is the sunshine we once knew
Everybody knows when little children play
They need a sunny day to grow straight and tall
Let the sun shine through

The windows of the world are covered with rain
When will those black skies turn to blue
Everybody knows when boys grow into men
They start to wonder when their country will call
Let the sun shine through

The windows of the world are covered with rain
What is the whole world coming to
Everybody knows when men cannot be friends
Their quarrel often ends where some have to die
Let the sun shine through

The windows of the world are covered with rain
There must be something we can do
Everybody knows whenever rain appears
It’s really angel tears
How long must they cry
Let the sun shine through

• • •

Ronald Isley & Burt Bacharach – Windows Of The World

Published on Jan 3, 2010

Ronald Isley & Burt Bacharach Live PBS Soundstage july 2004

(video) Ringmasters: ‘Notre Dame’ Medley

Touching and amazing!

Loving the unlovely — how they long to be loved!

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Ringmasters – Notre Dame Medley **REMASTERED AUDIO**

Published on Feb 1, 2017

Pitch Perfected: An Evening of Vocal Music
Presented by the Barbershop Harmony Society and the Association of International Champions

Ringmasters –…

Arranger: Aaron Dale

Association of International Champions –
Don’t miss the next iconic moment! Join Ringmasters and more International Quartet Champions at the 2017 AIC show.

Pitch Perfected: A cappella at the AXIS
July 6, 2017 | Axis Theater | Las Vegas, NV
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Join us in Las Vegas next summer for our 2017 International Convention!
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