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(vid) Caroline Jones: ‘Bare Feet’ — I want to grow tall and strong like a tree / Touch the sky with my roots so deep

I’m in my bare feet
Cause I want to feel the world’s heartbeat
I want to grow tall and strong like a tree
Touch the sky with my roots so deep

• • •

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(video) Glen Campbell In Concert In Sioux Falls — Incredible!

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Track listing

  1. Wichita Lineman” (Jimmy Webb) – 3:50
  2. Gentle on My Mind” (John Hartford) – 2:46
  3. Dreams of the Everyday Housewife” (Chris Gantry) – 2:27
  4. “Highwayman” (Jimmy Webb) – 3:01
  5. By The Time I Get To Phoenix” (Jimmy Webb) – 3:06
  6. Classical Gas (Mason Williams) – 3:04
  7. It’s Only Make Believe” (Conway TwittyJack Nance) – 2:29
  8. Little Green Apples” (Robert L. Russell) – 3:28 (duet with Debby Campbell)
  9. Southern Nights” (Allen Toussaint) – 3:01
  10. Rhinestone Cowboy” (Larry Weiss) – 3:05
  11. Galveston” (Jimmy Webb) – 4:00
  12. “Since I Fell for You” (Woodrow Johnson) – 2:52
  13. The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress” (Jimmy Webb) – 3:03
  14. William Tell Overture (Gioachino Rossini, arr. by Glen Campbell, Dennis McCarthy) – 2:49
  15. “True Grit” (Don BlackElmer Bernstein) – 2:58
  16. “Still Within the Sound of My Voice” (Jimmy Webb) – 4:00
  17. Amazing Grace (John Newton) – 3:13
  18. Try a Little Kindness” (Bobby Austin, Thomas Sapaugh) – 4:57
  19. “Don’t Pull Your Love/Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye” (Lambert, Brian Potter) – 3:18
  20. Time in a Bottle” (Jim Croce) – 2:28
  21. Let It Be Me” (Gilbert Bécaud, Manny Kurtz, Pierce Leroyer) – 2:16 (duet with Debby Campbell)
  22. MacArthur Park (Jimmy Webb) – 7:34


Glen Campbell In Concert In Sioux Falls

Adrian McClay

Published on Nov 11, 2014

The incredible talent that is Glen Campbell, in Concert with the South Dakota Symphony in 2001. Recorded for the PBS special “Glen Campbell – In Concert”,

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(video) Linkin Park – Live Acoustic Performance (Hamburg April ’17)

9:00 Chester: “Watch some…. (I was going to) say something really nasty, but I just had to stop.” Mike laughs, enabling.

– –

00:11 What I’ve Done
03:08 Crawling
08:30 Burn It Down
13:12 Battle Symphony
19:25 Heavy (with Kiiara)

LINKIN PARK – Live Akustik Performance (Hamburg April 17)

(video) Linkin Park: ‘The Catalyst’ – Brazil

“… J. Robert Oppenheimer, who described the atomic bomb as being ‘as bright as a thousand suns.’” (source)

– –

God bless us everyone
We’re a broken people living under loaded gun
And it can’t be outfought
It can’t be outdone
It can’t outmatched
It can’t be outrun

And when I close my eyes tonight
To symphonies of blinding light
Like memories in cold decay
Transmissions echoing away
Far from the world of you and I
Where oceans bleed into the sky

God save us everyone
Will we burn inside the fires of a thousand suns?
For the sins of our hand
The sins of our tongue
The sins of our father
The sins of our young

Lift me up
Let me go

Linkin Park – The Catalyst (Music and Arts Festival 2010)

Itú (São Paulo), Brazil
Fazenda Maeda
Starts With You – Music and Arts Festival
11th October 2010
South American Tour