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(2 min video) Kung Fu: On Unconditional Love

“He betrayed us. Yet we feed and clothe him.” – Young Caine
“And you disapprove. . . I am aware of his unsavory adventures. I am aware also of his hunger and cold. . . . Will the earth fall away from under his feet? Will the sun, shining on all else, refuse him light? If sun and earth and water refrain from judgment, who am I to withhold a blanket and a bowl of rice?” – Master Kan

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Kung Fu: On Unconditional Love

(1 min video) Kung Fu: Return Injury with *Kindness*

Unlike most of these clips in which the young Caine is older, David Carradine’s brother, Keith takes David’s place.

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Master Po: Where is evil? In the rat, whose nature it is to steal grain. Or in the cat? Whose nature it is to kill the rat.

Young Caine: The rat steals. Yet for him the cat is evil.

Master Po: And to the cat, the rat.

Young Caine: Yet master, surely one of them is evil.

Master Po: The rat does not steal. The cat does not murder. Rain falls, the stream flows, a hill remains. Each acts according to its nature.

Young Caine: Then is there no evil for men? Each man tells himself that what he does is good. At least for himself.

Master Po: Grasshopper. A man may tell himself many things. But is a man’s universe made only of himself?

Young Caine: If a man hurts me, and I punish him – perhaps he will not hurt another.

Master Po: And if you do nothing?

Young Caine: He will believe he may do as he wishes.

Master Po: Perhaps. Or perhaps he will learn that some men receive injury, but return kindness.

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Kung Fu – Return Injury with Kindness – S01E11 Chains


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(3 min video) Kung Fu: Seeking Approval or Satisfied — “Is it not better to see yourself truly than care about how others see you?”

Master Kan: Had you good cause to risk this danger?

Caine: My purpose was to prove my agility and my courage.

Master Kan: I had hoped such qualities were already yours.

Caine: I sought to test them.

Master Kan: For yourself or them? Is it not better to see yourself truly than care about how others see you?

Caine: Yes, Master. If I look truly, will I see truly?

Master Kan: It can be done.

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Kung Fu – Seeing Truly – S01E09 The Soldier – David Carradine