Month: July 2017

(video) ‘Dirty Jobs’ Host, Mike Rowe Harmonizes in ‘Forefront’ Quartet

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Forefront – Sweet and Lovely (feat. Mike Rowe)

Published on Jul 10, 2017

Our newest Honorary Lifetime Member Mike Rowe isn’t going to just accept his award without singing! He shows our 2016 International Quartet Champion Forefront how it’s done…

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(photo) Wisconsin Lutheran Choir Inspires Anchorage Alaska

A WELS Lutheran college choir that a relative sings in inspired me this summer! Since then, I’ve posted many vocal harmony videos in my MUSIC Videos That Matter category. During high school, I played trumpet, but regret now that I didn’t do anything vocal except just me and my guitar.

I attended Wisconsin Synod Lutheran (WELS) schools K-12, and was particularly blessed by hearing the lyrics of these two songs during this concert:

God Commanded Angels To Watch Over You

Felix Mendelssohn (1809 – 1847)

For God commanded angels to watch over you
That they shall protect you,
In all your living keep you;
For their hands will uphold and guide you,
Lest you dash your foot against a stone, stumbling.


Isaac Watts (1674 – 1748)

Broad is the road that leads to death
And thousands walk together there
But wisdom shows a narrow path
With here and there a traveller

Deny thyself and take thy cross
Is the Redeemer’s great command
Nature must count it all but dross
If she would gain this heavenly land

The fearful soul that tires and faints
And walks the ways of God no more
Is but esteemed almost a saint
And makes his own destruction sure

Lord let not all my hopes be vain
Create my heart entirely new
Which hypocrites could ne’ er attain
Which false apostates never knew

Panasonic LX-100

Wisconsin Lutheran Choir Tours

7:00 p.m. Concert
Bartlett High School Auditorium
1101 Golden Bear Drive
Anchorage, Alaska

(video) GEICO Takes on BIG PHARMA – WoW! – Boyz II Men: ‘Side Effects’

GEICO standing up to BIG PHARMA? WoW!

TalmudVision (TV) in the USA — one of the few countries that allows Big Pharma drug ads, which I’ve heard may no longer be required to include the crucial, side-effects disclaimers — beautifully amplified here :)

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Boyz II Men: Side Effects – GEICO


Anchorage’s Fish Creek – Mysterious Journey Revealed

While admiring from Anchorage’s Coastal Trail the s-curves of a waterway that flows into Cook Inlet, I asked a nearby bicyclist if he knew more about this. Did he ever!

Bob told me how he personally tracked the little known, Fish Creek to its headwaters and documented its fascinating journey that is often hidden. He sent me the links to his meticulous research, and gave me permission to share.

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Seward to Alyeska – Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon: 2.67-mile swim, 113.5-mile bike, 27.5-mile run – photos & videos

I know Amber Stull, who finished 4th among women!

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With a total gain of 10,100′ between the bike and run courses and an average water temp of 53°F, Alaskaman is one of the most challenging extreme triathlons on Earth. (source)

The Alaskaman — the first race of its kind in the United States, according to race officials — featured a 2.67 mile swim in frigid Resurrection Bay in Seward, a 113.5-mile bike along the Seward Highway and a 27.5-mile run, capped with two trips up Alyeska. It was nearly 4 p.m. when Fast finished a race that started at 4:30 a.m.



2017 Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon Highlights PHOTOS

Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon 2017 PHOTOS

Amber Stull crosses the finish line VIDEO


1) Andrew Fast, Salt Lake City, 11 hours, 18 minutes, 29 seconds; 2) Danny Dvinov, Oakland, Calif., 11:37:41; 3) Daniel Folmar, Anchorage, 12:24:20; 4) Chris Knight, Dubai, 12:28:38; 5) Adam Feigh, Lexington, S.C., 12:40:39; 6) Morgan Chaffin, Elkhorn, Neb., 12:47:50 (women’s champion); 7) Leonardo Mello, San Paulo, Brazil, 12:56:18; 8, T.J. Thrasher, Steamboat Springs, Colo., 12:59:02; 9) Christopher Scott, Dubai, 13:01:22; 10) Linday Ludlow, Dallas, Texas, 13:08:44 (2nd-place woman); 11) Conor Deal, Anchorage, 13:12:43; 12) Mackie Derrick, Anchorage, 13:20:59; 13) Tyson Flaherty, Fairbanks, 13:24:51; 14) Addison Nuding, San Francisco, 13:24:51; 15) Patrick Miller, Hood River, Ore., 13:37:37; 16) Chad Albright, Roanoke, Va., 13:43:26; 17) Sebastian Lopez, Bay City, Texas, 13:46:09; 18) Fernando Lopez, Houston, Texas, 13:47:09; 19) John Bursell, Juneau, 13:49:42; 20) Philip Sanchez, San Francisco, 13:58:15; 21) John Livezey, Newton Square, Penn., 14:05:21; 22) Jimi Young, Dewitt, Mich., 14:07:10; 23) Jesse Schroeder, Carrington, N.D., 14:08:36; 24) Shannon Titzel, Anchorage, 14:12:13 (3rd-place woman); 25) Taryn Spates, Granada Hills, Calif., 14:14:01; 26) Amber Stull, Anchorage, 14:15:02; 27) Pasi Pentikainen, Finland, 14:18:18; 28) Barry Middleton, Scotland, 14:19:45; 29) Tyler Guggemos, Dewitt, Mich., 14:23:28; 30) John French, Roswell, Georgia, 14:27:01; 31) Anthony Beeson, Long Tree, Colo., 14:28:34; 32) John Kelly, Worcester, Mass., 14:31:32; 33) Nicholas Ponsor, Colorado Springs, Colo., 14:35:15; 34) James Lawrence, Orem, Utah, 14:36:22; 35) Andrew Dougherty, Anchorage, 14:36:22; 35) James Lawrence, Orem, Utah, 14:37:49; 36) James Snipe, Lisbon, Maine, 14:47:58 …

(video) ‘The magic of the Northern Lights’ – CBS Sunday Morning

The most worshipful, natural experience that we’re incredibly blessed with in Alaska!

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The magic of the Northern Lights

Published on Apr 19, 2015

In the high latitudes of Alaska, the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, are a light show like no other. Lee Cowan travels to Fairbanks to witness the magical, even spiritual experience that viewing these extraordinary phenomena can be, and talks with photographer Ronn Murray about capturing the Aurora.

(1 min tourist video) “Scotland. A Spirit of its Own”

This aired while I was watching the Scottish Open golf tournament today. I visited there years ago, shortly after watching ‘Braveheart,’ to get a feel for this land — driving on the left side of the road. Some of the landscape is similar to Alaska.

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Scotland. A Spirit of its own: Spirit Waves

Published on Feb 9, 2016

Scotland has a spirit of its own. It’s not something you can put in words, but its presence is undeniable. It imbues everything from our majestic landscapes and great cities, to our proud heritage and the warmth of our people.

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