Month: December 2010

Photographer Rodney Lough, Jr. Interview

I just had the delight of watching Fine Art Photography Weekly’s interview with 8 x 10 format, fine art photographer, Rodney Lough, Jr, whose galleries I discussed here: The Most Beautiful Fine Art Gallery in the World?

I took some notes from this interview.

At about minute 19, Rodney discusses one of his goals, which is somewhat similar to mine.

For me, ultimately, I would like to help people break free from the all-encompassing electronics the sheetrock walls and into the awareness that God is the source of all beauty. We can trust Him! There is Hope!

Rodney definitely doesn’t go quite that far. His stated goal is much more subtle, even calling the Creator, “Mother Nature” (Rodney is a Mormon). He talks about trying to help people get beyond the ‘concrete’ and experience the ‘grass’ — beautifully lit, I might add — from what I’ve read of his philosphy elsewhere.

I also like what he says about his style, which he sums up with this statement:

“I walk around and I just keep my eyes open, and then something goes ‘HAAAAAA! That’s amazing!’ And it just stops me dead in my tracks.

I don’t know why I have that talent. I can’t say. I think we’re all given different gifts. Some people make a great apple pie. Some people are great gardeners, and I walk around in the woods going ‘HAAAAAA! That’s amazing!'”

And here is Rodney Lough, Jr. on photographers telling the truth:

“I think when you die, there’s an up-escalator and a down-escalator. I’d really like to be on the up-escalator.

So lying about something like “Oh, that moon was there in front of that big tree.” …

Some tech info for those so inclined:

He gets 1.6-1.8 GB scans from his drumscanned 8 x 10 inch positives.

He would like to print larger, but he’s limited by paper size. He prints with LightJet on Fuji crystal archive flex, which limits him to print no bigger than 50 inches by 10 feet.

His only filter is a graduated 2-stop neutral density.


Jeff : )

Vitamin D in Anchorage

[Originally posted on 12/4. Updated on 12/11]

I just posted Vitamin D: Food & Nutrition Board Betrays Millions and Institute of Medicine Report on Vitamin D is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong at ToBeFree. Recommended vitamin D3 amounts are given there and Dr. Mercola: How Much Vitamin D?.

The lying, deceit and love of money is outrageous in the US. Dark forces really have taken over. But they don’t have to take over us!

Opt out! “I will not go through the naked body scanner!” All 65+ of my Naked Body Scanners posts at ToBeFree

And opt into vitamin D, the SUNSHINE vitamin!

The good doc working on Mom

Dr. Ellenburg sells Liqui-D3 vitamin D drops in his clinic in Anchorage: Dr. Ellenburg Center for Natural Medicine. You don’t need to be a patient, but call first, to make sure it’s in stock. I keep mine refrigerated. You won’t find a deal like this at a health food store, that I know of anyway.

A 1 oz. bottle was $22, the last time I bought one. It lasts a long time. I take 3 drops a day in winter, as I weigh over 200 pounds and this is what was recommended for me by Dr. Ellenburg. It’s good to see a N.D., not a M.D.. Naturopathic doctors study as many years as Big Pharma M.D.s, but they study natural medicine instead of drugs. M.D.s know almost nothing about nutrition, except that there is little money to be made there. “The love of money” really is a huge factor driving the massive medical disinformation that is part of what is destroying America.

Back to Liqui-D3, each drop is 2,000 iu.. This is a very inexpensive way to get what our bodies need, considering the true data and our total lack of Vitamin D giving rays right now. The sun isn’t high enough in the sky.

But the stats show that most people are deficient in the lower 48 too, especially in winter in the northern latitudes — and for those who simply don’t get enough sunshine elsewhere.

And wearing burkas don’t help either: Burkas Cause Major Vitamin D Deficiency & Hence Breast Cancer?

High quality vitamin D can also be purchased in health food stores or online, such as The Vitamin Shoppe. They’re currently offering Carlson Vitamin D (2000 iu., 120 caps) for $4.65.

Power to the peaceful!



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In Appreciation of HEAT!


Freight floor sink icicle in our 2001-10 warehouse

I can show this now that we have great heat
having moved back to our old facility.

Some bid the freight floor so they wouldn’t have to freeze outside,
but maybe it’s worse freezing inside!

The contractor bought used, obsolete, foreign made heaters
for which some parts weren’t even available.

The love of money realized.

Compare compact camera sensors at DxOMark: Sensor data for Nikon P7000 just out

In continuing my discussion of the latest and greatest compact cameras, DxOMark has lab tests for all but the LX5. If you click here, you’ll see sensor data for the Nikon P7000, the Canon S95 and the Panasonic LX3 (LX5 data still isn’t out).

Nikon has always amazed me in how much they lag behind Canon in their compact Coolpix cameras, but they are catching up. I was kind of thrilled about this model because the lens reaches out so far, 200mm; though, wide-angle is more important to me than telephoto, so I went with the LX5.

On the starting page, the data for the Nikon looks like a let down. I had hoped for better, but when you look at all of the charts (clicking on the boxes above), that stats are not that much different than the Canon, and far above the LX3 (LX5 scores aren’t out yet and should do much better), so these are still very respectable results. But if you’re looking to get the most stunning color possible, Nikon is still not the way to go.

This Nikon is especially worth considering for those who really want to reach out and touch someone with their 28-200mm lens, 60 millimeters longer than the Canon G12. If you’d like to go wider, it also has a wide-angle adapter, but that’s another thing to carry around, and fiddle with if there isn’t much time to get a shot off — and it’s something like $200. The Nikon’s shot recovery time is slower, if that’s a factor for you.

If we punch in the Canon G12 instead of the LX3, its stats are really close to the S95, because I’m almost certain they use the same sensor. The main difference in image quality between the two Canons come from the different lenses. The G12’s much larger 28-140mm is probably the main reason some of the G12 shots look slightly better than the S95’s in the DPReview test I mentioned earlier.

it will be interesting to see how the LX5 compares once the data is out.