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September 25, 2010

ADN Photos: Windy day in Anchorage

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Click for my favorite photo in ADN’s windy-day gallery

Also shows flipped plane, floating on its floats,
can’t see mountains,
accelerated autumn-leaf falling …

While walking in the woods, I saw:
many trees down (headed for a safer area),
and fire trucks zooming to the airport,
perhaps to rescue the flipped plane.

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High winds cut power in Anchorage, Valley

September 21, 2010

Costco’s Rebate on Blackstone’s Merlot, etc.

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Costco is offering a good tasting Merlot wine (made by Blackstone) at an inexpensive price with a hefty rebate, currently: $90/case (of 12) and $24 rebate (apparently unlimited until the offer expires on 11/30).

The wine seems consistently uncorrupted (so often bottles go bad), and has significant tannins, which I consider one of the unsung health benefits of deep red, Cabernet-style wines.


Other items:

The really tasty frozen blueberries I enjoyed so much have been replaced by not so good ones, perhaps tasting badly from too many pesticides. My guess.

Pesticides are high in fluoride, by the way.

The new blueberries’ food value is probably close to nil: the good is countered by the bad. “If it doesn’t taste good it’s not good.”

Kettle Sea Salt potato chips are still good, made with good fats and no MSG. Watch for MSG in their other varieties, which is sometimes labeled as yeast extract.

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Moderate Alcohol Use, Exercise, Keys to Longevity, Study Finds

Red Wine, Black Tea, May Help Regulate Blood Sugar in Type 2 Diabetics | My Favorite Tea

September 18, 2010

Fun in the Fog

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Midnight – 9/16/10


1/2 second, hand-held LX5

September 16, 2010

Abbott Loop’s Sign


September 12, 2010

Pandora: Jump in SOUND quality — to bless your heart

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I’ve been trying to find higher quality streaming music online, and little did I know it was right in front of me — at Pandora.

I thought what if Pandora offers higher quality music to subscribers. And wouldn’t you know, 192kbs instead of maybe 32 — a huge jump in audio sound! HUGE!!!

It’s unfathomable to me that they wouldn’t advertise this feature in plain sight for all to see. Perhaps the hip-hop bee-boppers don’t care. But when it comes to instrumentals it makes all the difference in the world! Now sounds can touch the heart!

For me, anyway, at $36/year ($3/month), this is a no-brainer. No ads. Way better sound. Unlimited listening (free users get only 40 hours).

Go for it!

Also, I’m putting up a link at this site to my Pandora profile, if you want to see what I’m listening to. I’m using all 100 “radio stations” though, which will become more refined in time — especially now that it sounds so much better!

Live in love

: )

The Arch — Pinpointing Flattop

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First LX5 photo!

Pouring concrete
for an Alaska Airlines hardstand,
next door to our freight facility —
pinpointing Flattop Mountain

I asked God for 10 things I should do

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For the first time, I decided to ask God for a longer list of what I should do. This is what I got.


1) “Take time to study.”

2) “Be afraid of no one.”

3) “Let them see your face.”

4) “Tell them the truth.”

5) “Write [a certain man] a letter.”

I never got to points 6-10, as I was so blown away, thinking about #5.


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September 10, 2010

Glenn Beck: $73 – $225!!

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Dena’ina Center
Anchorage, Alaska


Glenn Beck deceives Anchorage Alaska —
$225 tickets to ‘meet and greet’ 9/11-families-hater
on 9/11

Glenn Beck HATES 911 Victim’s Family Members —
“I don’t think anybody in their right mind
is going to say this out loud,

Glenn Becks Says 9/11 Truth Activists Threaten Obama’s Life:
His assigned task is to characterize the movement as violent and dangerous

Murdoch’s mouthpiece: It’s not what Glenn Beck exposes,
it’s the issues he deflects and who he discredits that counts

All of my Glenn Beck Deception posts

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